On behalf of the committee may I take this opportunity to introduce the Commando Engineer Branch of the Royal Engineers Association.  The Management Committee of the Royal Engineers Association approved the formation of the Commando Engineer Branch in January 2008 and we were officially formed on the 1st April 2008.  The main aim of the Branch is to maintain an ‘esprit de corps’ and foster the ‘commando spirit’ amongst serving and non-serving personnel who have served (or are serving) with commando engineers.
Membership Letter Please Read: Branch Membership Application Letter


There are two classes of membership to the Commando Engineer Branch:


Full Membership is open to all RE personnel (Commando and Non-Commando trained) who have served, or who are currently serving with the following units in support of Commando Forces:


  • RE personnel (Commando and Non Commando trained) who have served on the posted strength of Commando Units since the formation of Commando Forces in WW 2 until the present day – this will include service with such units as the Amphibious Beach Unit, etc.
  • 59 Independent Commando Squadron RE
  • 131 Independent Commando Squadron RE (V)
  • 24 Commando Engineer Regiment
  • 2 Commando Troop (EOD) 33 Engineer Regiment (EOD)


If you meet the criteria above and wish to join our Branch then please complete the Full Member application form and send HQ REA at the address on the top of the application form.


Associate Membership is open to all non RE personnel (Commando and Non-Commando trained) and relatives of those who have served, or are serving with the above units.  If you meet the criteria above and wish to join our Branch then please complete the Associate Member application form and send to the Branch Secretary at: secretary@commandoengineerbranch.org.uk


Download Application Forms here:

Membership letter: Branch Membership Application Letter

Full Membership application Form: Full Member Application Form

Associate Membership application Form: Associate Member Application Form

Completed ApplicationForms should be sent to: secretary@commandoengineerbranch.org.uk

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